The Rennes Code Cracked
Rennes –le – Chateau Mystery

Decoding the Cipher in Parchment 2

© 2009 by Michael Joyce


Code in the cipher of parchment 2, indicates why the priest Sauniere suddenly became rich during the 1880s.


I will establish reasons that make me believe Sauniere's sudden wealth was contributed by the Vatican to silence him, because he found & decoded the cipher in parchment 2, to discover:


1– Rennes-le Chateau was built by the Templars, who worshipped the Idol Head Caput LVIII M. (The Templars were persecuted for heresy, burned at the stake by the Catholic church from 1310.)

2 – the correspondence of Mars with the spiritual or as a spiritual symbol; Earth the material.

3 – reincarnation (contrary to Catholic belief).

Rennes-le-Château, a small village perched on a hilltop in France, has become world famous with a mystery concerning the fact that a priest, Abbé Bérenger Saunière, who lived in the village there, suddenly became immensely rich during the 1880s.

Apparently parchments were found, by S a u n i è r e (1852 – 1917), hidden in a hollow pillar near a statue of Asmodeus placed at the doorway of the Rennes-le-Château chapel.

By a complex processing of Parchment 2, Gerard de Sede (1970) discovered in this parchment the following unintelligible decipherment:



I suspect that Sauniere had also derived the decipherment for parchment 2.

And he discovered in it knowledge so damaging to the Roman Catholic Church that the Vatican paid a fortune to suppress it.


In the table below, I have presented the decipherment as an aid to analysis.


The numerical value of each word is obtained by using A=1, B=2, C=3……Z=26.


The ‘legitimacy’ of using this system is hinted at the first stage of the analysis.


I also use reflected numbers (mirror image), example 21 is the reflection of 12, which is indicated by the 12th and 21st words DCLXXXI (numerically 100) & J’ (10), 001 the reflection of 10.


There is an obvious grammatical error in ‘pommes bleues’ understood to mean ‘blue’ apples.


The ‘es’ at the end of bleu (blue) is incorrect, since bleu can refer to one or more apples.


The corrected count of letters of the 30 words is 126 (or 128 including ES). Why 128? 128 = 2x2x2x2x2x2x2 or 27 (2 to the power 7).


The 26th word is GARDIEN ( GUARDIAN).


The 27th (27 ) is A, the first letter of the alphabet, implying that A=1, then B=2 …Z=26.


This informs us that the guardian, GARDIEN is 58 (7+1+18+4+9+5+14).

Whilst GUARDIAN is 74.


58 is the number of the TEMPLARS’ Divine Head (IDOL), known as CAPUT LVIII M.


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How do we proceed?

What is the KEY to understand this gobbledygook of words?


CLEF, the 10th word, is French for KEY. CLEF = 26; KEY = 41, the value of PAX, directly following CLEF.

The sum of the numerical values of the first 26 ( recall 27th is A) is 1172.

The last 4 words the sum is 157 (or 133 omitting es’ 24 ). The reflection of 157 is 751, which is the 133rd prime number.


Thus this use of 133 confirms an appropriate division between the 26th and 27th words.


[A prime number is one which is only divisible by itself or 1, such as 2, 3, 5, 7…….; 4 is not a prime because it is divisible by 2 as well as 1 & 4].


331 is the reflection of 133.

These are the numerical values of the first (hydrogen) and last (presently unknown) atoms.

157 is the 37th prime.

37 depicts the visible spectrum of white light - 3 primary & 7 spectral rays.


Phi, symbol f is Nature’s growth constant.

It is contained in the geometry of the hydrogen molecule. Click to read.



Its value is 1.618.

618 is an anagram of 681 (DCLXXXI in the cipher, whilst MDCLXXXI, Latin for 1681, is explained shortly.


But, WHAT is the significance of 1172?

AND is 58, the GARDIEN associated with the TEMPLARS’ Idol?


The value of the 12th word, DCLXXXI, is 100.

DCLXXXI is also Latin for number 681.

A difference of 581…. 58 1.

5 8 again, the GARDIEN.

(Fascinatingly, the numerical value of BLUES is 59 – 58  1)


MIDI, noon or midday, is 12 o’clock, and the 12th word is DCLXXXI.

The letter at the MIDDLE of the alphabet is M, value 13.

We can alter the 12th word to MDCLXXXI, value 113, like POUSSON, which is MIDWAY between the first 12 words.

MDCLXXXI is Latin for number 1681 equal to 41x41 (412), later to be found significant like 128 (27) was earlier.


The 10th word on the Marie de Blanchefort gravestone is MDCOLXXXI.

Its numerical value is 128, like the total number of letters in the decipherment.

It is also Latin for 1681, MDCLXXXI above, plus ‘O’.

‘O’ has the value of 15, the MIDDLE of the decipherment list (CROIX).


On 21st June 1891 SAUNIERE organised a procession, which involved the placing of a statue of the Virgin on the Visigothic pillar in Rennes-le-Chateau.

The reflection of 1891 is 1981, which reveals 1681, MDCLXXXI, on inversion.


What then is the importance of 1891?

The year 1891 can easily be changed to 1721, (8x9 =72, change 89 in 1981, to 72 to make 1721).

The number 1172, found earlier, is an anagram of 1721.

This implies a connection between 11 and 72 and a need to identify 1172 or 11 & 72.


Numbers 126 and 128 reduce to 9 and 11(2), which means the ‘end or completion of 11’, and the combination of 9 and 2 make 11(2) again.


The 11th word is PAX, value 41 already of implied significance.

But we now need a KEY.

CLEF, at position 10 value 26 (similar to 126, the correct number of letters) means KEY.

Weirdly or not the numerical value of KEY is 41.


Using CLEF as a new division of the list, and counting the letters, there are 47 above and 77 below. (47 + clef 4 + 77 = 128)

This seems to be asking ‘what is the key that changes 47 to 77’.

The answer is 30. (47 + 30 = 77)


The 30th word is BLEUES, value 64.


Now POMMES BLEU, 10 letters has a correspondence with the 10th word, CLEF.

POMMES BLEU has a numerical value of 121.

121 = 11 x 11 or 112

11 revealed and also 2.


Note: the first 27 words consist of 112 letters (11 2).

French or English prefix for two is BI ( numerically 11). { connects 2 & 11}


1172 above reduces to 11.


If we divert our attention to number 2 for a moment, there are 7 two lettered (72?) words in the list, a total of 14.

14 is the reflection of 41 (value of KEY)

41, its reflection 14 and 11 are interesting because:

41x11 minus 14x11 = 27 (return of 27) x 11 = 297.


297 has an important reflection 792, I’ll explain shortly.

412 = 1681 and 142 = 196.

1681 minus 196 = 1485, the reflection of which is 5841.

58 now linked to 41.

58 the GARDIEN (of) PAX, 41 meaning PEACE (30).

30th word BLEU connects with PEACE.


Weirdly PLANET has a numerical value of 58.


The 30th word, BLEUES, numerically 64, can be expressed as 8 x 8 or 82, like 121the value of POMMES BLEU.

What’s the importance of 64?


 I think MDCOLXXXI, on Marie’s gravestone will be helpful, but I have to divert first.

Removal of COL leaves MDXXXI.

MDXXXI = 98 or Latin = 1531.

9x8 =72

Number 53 (or reflcted 35) contained within 11.

The 13th (PAR) and 28th (MIDI) words have the value of 35.

28 minus 13 = 15.

COL = 30 or Latin CL = 150, ‘O’ =15.

Number 15 appears twice here and represents the MIDDLE of the list, linking with PAR MIDI (by MIDDLE day). The 15th word is CROIX (69), significantly the CROSS.

96 inverts to 69, a difference of 27. The significance of the 27th word enabled A=1 near start. Importantly it conceals 72, the reflection of 27.

Numbers 11, 27 & 72 have a unique property: 11 x 27 = 297 11 x 72 = 792

792 REFLECTS 297.


You might connect 792 with 7920 miles, the diameter of planet Earth.


72(0) miles is a ‘solar’ factor which converts number 11 to a physical object.


Earth is the only planet in our solar system which shows this reflection characteristic.


If we treat 58 with the solar factor, 58 x 720, the answer is 4176 miles, the diameter of planet Mars.


The numerical value of COL is 30 and the 30th word, BLEUES the last, has a value of 64.

Recall 64 = 8 x 8.


What happens at the END (30th word, value 64)?

Numbers 1, 2, 3……..64 can be arranged in an 8x8 MAGIC SQUARE, where the sum of any row, column or diagonal is the SAME. In this case the sum is 260 ( 26 and 126 ! )


8x8 Magic Square


The biblical alpha and the omega means the beginning and end.

In the "magic square", a beginning is 1 and the end 64; and afterwards a new start would be 65, or 1 again.


The magic square includes some pathways and more.

The centre contains numbers 72 (59+13),xe "material world" Mars’ 58 (52+6) and 65, next after 64.


Representative numbers:

10 = Creator

8 = Messiah

7 = biblical perfection 


What information is esoterically hidden here?

The alpha is at 1, at position 4 (Earth distance to Sun) numbers up and 5 (Earth distance to Moon) numbers down in the left hand column.


After traversing to 2, there are two possible routes to reach 63 (right corner above red square at centre), skirting the perimeter of the centre block, either clock- or anticlockwise.


Via the numbers:




Notice that 64 is adjacent to 11 (Earth).


The appropriate number values for solar objects and distances can be seen in diagram below.


 Example: Earth diameter 7920 miles divide by 720 miles = 11



Numbers 24, 25, 44 relate to human - earth (2), spiritual vibration (4) & consciousness (5), "chromosomes" (44).

Whilst 30, 31, 34, 17 relate to light.


Or if you prefer, 4 & 5 are distances shown in the diagram.


Exit is via 64 on the right and the centre informs of two choices - 72 (material) or 58 ( Mars / spiritual) - either "Reincarnation" or Spiritual Perfection (God's Servant).


Routes possible for Omega of the human soul involve 10 (Creator), 8 ("Messiah") or 65.

Number 65, equivalent to a new "1" starts the sequence of a further journey through the magic square.


If the path to the Creator (10) is chosen, the number alongside is 47 (also the number of letters above CLEF) indicative of spiritual perfection - a vibrational increase from 4 to 7 (by gaining the primary 3 or trinity – "the CLEF changes 47 to 77, or 4 increased by 3 to 7" "trinity"). The sum of 10 and 47 make 57, the last number in the row, which leads to 58 (Mars).


Whilst the"Messiah" route, the sum of 8 plus 27 (GARDEN, A) make 35 (PAR, CROIX), found on the corner opposite to number 2, indicating "reincarnation" via a choice of two paths, starting at 35 to reach 63.


47 56
22 33 58


In the upper section of the magic square:

As well as 10 + 47 =57

Notice that 22 + 33 = 55

Consecutive numbers 56, 57, 58 - '


37 60 14 41
8 27 21  

This is section at the bottom.

As well as 8 + 27 = 35

Notice that 21 + 14 = 35 - 'go back there'

An absence of consecutive numbers.


But notice the reflected numbers here

14 - 41, a correspondence with 1681 (412)


Here correlation can be seen between 64 at the end of the cipher, 1681, 41 and the 8 x 8 Magic Square.





Armed with this knowledge it is possible that the Vatican paid for Sauniere’s silence because:  


1 – Rennes-le Chateau was built by the Templars, worshipped the Idol Head Caput LVIII M, were persecuted for heresy, burned at the stake by the Catholic church from 1310.


2 – of the correspondence of Mars with spiritual or spiritual symbol; Earth the material.


3 – reincarnation is not a Catholic belief.


Decoding the Inscription on Marie de Blanchefort's tombstone at Rennes


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Created 12 September 2009