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When WORDS are uttered they vibrate the air molecules conveying meaning to the recipient.

The Old Testament was deliberately written to incorporate a dual character system to include a meaning of sound and of number.
Each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet has a particular numerical value.
The system using it is called Cabala, Kaballah or Kabala.
The Greeks called it Gematria when they applied number to the New Testament.

According to American author Bonnie Gaunt: "God" or "Creator" in Hebrew is `cw` adds to 37 (1+5+30+1), whilst "the God of gods" nidl`didl` amounts to 137 (40+10+5+30+1+5+10+5+30+1).

Our being depends upon these numbers 37 & 137 and are HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT.
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Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician, said circa 500 BC "numbers are the language of the Universe and that all things are numbers".

The Templars worshipped "a great head of gilded silver, most beautiful, in the image of a woman. Inside were two head bones, wrapped in white linen with

another red cloth around it." The Head symbolised Divinity, and was regarded as the essence of being, the seat of the soul, the symbol of evil-averting divine power. On an attached label is written "CAPUT LVIIIm".
A weird word of ELEVEN letters and the Roman numeral LVIII, FIFTY-EIGHT.
The divine or space values/numbers of planets Earth & Mars are 11 & 58.

At the centre of "CAPUT LVIIIm" is the letter "L".
"L" is the TWELFTH letter of our alphabet and TWELVE is our Sun's space value.
The Sun is at the centre of our solar system, just like "L" is at the centre of "CAPUT LVIIIm", an esoteric word, which I have found with additional in-depth analysis conceals much more.

Numbers convey information, like words.
Once the numbers of the cosmos are known.
Universal knowledge can be acquired.

It seems our Creator used numbers to define objects in linear space and time.
For example moon as a space object is
3 and 15 or s-3 and t-15;
the Earth is s-11 and t-55;
the distance between Earth and moon is s-347;
Mars is 58 & 29;
the covalent hydrogen atom is s-331.

Earth's 'volume' will be 11 x 11 x 11 or 1331.
Notice that 1331 is composed of 1 and the hydrogen atom, 331, the progenitor of atoms of all the other 100 or so different chemical elements, the building blocks of human perception.
Also it consists of a reflected pair 13 & 31.

The question is "how do we convert these numbers into the "size" as perceived by the human consciousness?

By using the "SOLAR SCALAR"; it is the length 720 miles, used as a multiplier, for space numbers.
In the macrocosm, the object's space number is multiplied by 720 miles.
So the Earth, object s-11, will have a length (diameter) of 11 multiplied by the solar scalar 720 miles.
The result is 7920 miles.

In the microcosm, the scalar 720 is used as a DIVISOR in conjuction with 1013.
The distance between the sun and Earth is s-13(000).
The diameter of the hydrogen atom will be 331 divided by 720 divided by 1013.
The result is 0.0459722x1013mile.
In metric this is 0.074 nm (nanometre). ( Confirmed by science data ).

The space values for the distance between the Sun and Earth of 93,600 000 miles, and Moon and Earth of 249,840 miles are s-13 and s-347.

SEVENTY-TWO ( 72 ) is the factor, which converts mile measurements
in the micro- and macrocosms ( atoms, stars & planets )
into ( divine ) simple numbers.
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Later I will be show that 3 4 7 has significance in both the material and spiritual worlds.

Pi in the Sky
The digits of 'pi', symbol p, have been imprinted in our solar system. The following diagram shows the divine numbers of the Sun, Earth, Moon and the distances between them.

All numbers have a 'fadic' correspondence. Thus the 130 000 distance separating the Sun and Earth is fadic 4, the result of 1+3+0+0+0+0+0.

The digits 3, 4, 5 and 1, 1 are easily discernible, and represent the components of pi, which commences as 3.1415.
Similarly the approximate value 3142 (pi = 3.142) can be seen.
It is more commonly used as 22 / 7.

It seems that the value of pi has been deliberately incorporated in our solar system.
In fact the universe is a book of knowledge, when its components are regarded as numbers and not as perceived 'lengths'.

Some of the the digits in 314159 are contained in part of the stanza from the secret book of Dzyan, the oldest book in existence, "The one from the egg, the six and the five.
Then the three, the one, the four, the one, the five - the twice seven, the sum total."

Now the message "the three, the one, the four, the one, the five" is most evident in our heavens, using the concept of spacial number.
The Sun and Moon of are of paramount importance in the original creation, and the number 1 is assigned in the picture to have influence on these two bodies.
The number ONE (or even ONE ZERO, 10 or 01) I interpret to be the intelligence of the Creator, or a "field of intelligence".

It can be seen in the diagram above that 31415, or "the three, the one, the four, the one, the five", is easily distinguishable after perceptual distances and diameters have been converted to spacial ones.
Indeed the sum of its digits 3+1+4+1+5 amounts to 14 or twice 7.

But what is the significance of the twice seven?

The seven relates to a heptet (seven) principle found in nature, is responsible for our existence that we perceive it in our "gross'' or material state.
There are seven colours in the visible region of the light spectrum or rainbow, which allow our sense of sight, our ability to see the objects, other "sevens" ( atoms which constitute matter ).

And although there are twelve notes in each of the eight musical scales, only seven in each scale are "pleasant".
Notes account for our ability to hear and communicate by sound.

Atoms and the Chemical Elements
The radii of the chemical elements are given in nanometre.
A nanometre is one thousand millionth of a metre.

An atom of iron is given as 0.1165 nm in data books, which means the very tiny length of 0.0000000001165 metre.
Its diameter 2 x '1165' metric converts to '144779' Imperial mile.

On the macro scale, diameters and distances are divided by 720 to convert them to their space values.

Here on the micro scale it seems logical to multiply by 720, when 144779 becomes 1042.
Therefore s-1042 ( sum of digits = 7 ) will be the diameter of an iron atom.

Similarly for hydrogen, the simplest atom of (covalent) radius 0.037 nm has a value of s-331.
Hydrogen was the first element to be produced after the Big Bang.
Subsequently helium, the next simplest atom, followed by lithium, beryllium, carbon, then the heavier elements iron, cobalt, nickel and so on, each one derived from hydrogen.

I don't think it a coincidence that hydrogen, the element responsible for the birth of all of the other elements, just like the Moon, has the number 3 associated with it.
And protons, which constitute all atoms, are each comprised of THREE quarks.

The Chemical Elements of Life.
There are six elements essential to our being, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sulphur, and phosphorus, constituting the important molecules called amino-acids. Some of the other elements required are iron, cobalt, calcium, potassium and sodium.

Their divine numbers are:
hydrogen 331; carbon 691; nitrogen 664; oxygen 655; sulphur 961; phosphorus 997.

Some of the other elements required to human constitution are iron, cobalt, calcium, potassium and sodium.

Each value reduces to SEVEN ( known as fadic value ).

Every covalent atom is a 'SEVEN'.
The fadic value for hydrogen 3+3+1 ( 7 ).
Similarly for oxygen, 655, it is 6+5+5 which amounts to 16 (not yet a single digit);
then 1+6 makes 7.

R is known as an alkyl group, and consists of atoms of carbon and hydrogen, in the ratio of n : 2n+l.
If n=1 then 2n+1=3.
So the first alkyl member, called methyl, has the chemical formula CH3.

The electronic configurations of the atoms, which comprise the amino acids, are given.
For carbon it is 2.4 ( 2 electrons in its first orbit and 4 in its second one ).

Recall that hydrogen is the progenitor of all the other atoms, so naturally it would be "number one".

Notice how the electronic structures of these important atoms are reflected in the divine numbers shown in the diagram.
Carbon 2.4 has a correspondence with Earth plus Earth (2) to Sun distance (4).

Nitrogen, 2.5, has correspondence with Earth plus Earth (2)to Moon distance (5).

Oxygen, 2.6, reflects Earth number (2) and fadic Sun(3) plus Moon (3).

Hydrogen, 1, has a correspondence with ONE, the Universal Intelligence or God.

The most important element in amino acids is carbon, since it has the ability to link to the other atoms in diverse ways, as well as having several linkage points for the attaching atoms.
Carbon's value is 691.

In the Veda, the sacred Hindu texts over four thousand years old, it is written that as above, as below which can be transposed to as the macrocosm, as the microcosm.
Or, the structures of creation in the "small" are reflected in the "large".
Demonstrated above.

The amazing thing about atoms, like the macrocosm, is that they are over 99% of empty space or nothing, that is under 1% of something!!
It would seem that our perception, of ourselves as solid entities and of objects around us, is illusory.
As well as time.

Atoms are really waves of energy, yet we do not distinguish ourselves nor our environment as such.

Number Replication
It can be se6en starting with numbers 0, 1 (denoting NOTHING & EVERYTHING before CREATION) that replication leads to the diagram below.

For example 0,1 and 0,1 make either 11 (00) or 2 (00).
Then 0, 1 & 2 (00) constitute 12 (000); and so on.
Whilst 0,1 plus 2 make 3 (0), and later in the process 3 and 4 and 7 will make 347 or 5.

At the moment these numbers are purely concepts lacking actuality.
All that is needed now is the solar factor, as a multiplier in the macrocosm, to transform them into objects of reality.

Thus 11 becomes 7920 miles, Earth diameter;
3 becomes 2160 miles, Moon diameter;
347 becomes 249,840 miles, the distance separating Earth & Moon.

Water is essential to our existence & survival.
Strangely humans consist of around 70% water, and the amount of water on our planet occupies about 70% of the space on the Earth.
If evenly distributed on a perfectly spherical Earth, it would cover an average depth of about two miles.

Now the structure and components of water is based on the objects scattered in the solar system, using the "as above, as below" principle.
Since the Earth is "supported" in space by the Sun and Moon, the number distances 4 and 5 away from the Earth are involved.

diagram to show possible structures for water

The universe had manifested everything (1) from nothing (0) to include the special planet Earth at 4 distant from the Sun and 5 distant from the Earth.
Sun & Moon have equivalence because each is a '3'.

The number 1045 is representative of the angle, called the bond angle, between the two hydrogen atoms and the oxygen in each molecule.

It is known that a water molecule is a V- or triangular shaped one consisting of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen, with a bond angle of 104.5 degrees.

The identity of atom X, as oxygen, can be obtained using the diagram below.

Its s-number will correspond with the Sun and Moon, which were essential in the plan of creation, and each one will incorporate the Earth.
A combination of Sun and Moon numbers, 3 plus 3, make 6.
Then Sun's s-3 plus Earth s-2 make 5, and finally Moon s-3 plus Earth s-2 making 5.
Integration of these three numbers constitute the number s-655, the value of oxygen.

Water, an essential material to support life, comprises of three atoms, two of hydrogen and one of oxygen.

The bond length, the distance between the centre of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms, that is each H.......O, in a molecule of water, can be found using the diagram below.

The distance between Sun and Moon centres is 600 plus 130000 minus 347 minus 1.5(an half of Moon's value of 3), which results in 1302515.

When 1302515 is divided by 3, the number of sides in a triangle, since the water molecule is V-shaped, the value is 4341718.

When this value is converted, for the microcosm, dividing by the solar factor, 720, followed by the factor of 10 to the power 13, or a hundred billion, the result is "603" miles or "965" metre.

Scientists know that a molecule of water consists of two different atoms, two of hydrogen and one of oxygen. (Hence its formula is H2O)

A molecule is the simplest structural unit or part of a substance that behaves as chemically and physically as the whole of the substance.
For example a molecule, or a drop of water consisting of millions and millions of molecules, both freeze at 0 degrees Centigrade.

Also known is that it has as a triangular structure in which the bond angle is 104.5 degrees, where the bond length 0.000000000965 metre.
Values found in the macrocosm.

Information in Light

The number 347 is the divine distance between the Earth and its Moon.
It is also portrayed in the seven colours of the rainbow, or the spectrum of light, which Isaac Newton discovered during the seventeenth century when he passed a beam of light through a glass prism. Light consists of the three primary colours red, green and blue, and the four '"hidden" ones orange, yellow, indigo and violet.
Thus 3 primary colours plus four hidden ones make the seven colours, which constitute light.

The number 137 depicts white light (1), its 3 primary colours, red green and blue, and its 7 spectrum colours, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, indigo and violet. The diagram alongside depicts white/invisible light split, by the glass prism, into the spectrum colours. This was first achieved experimentally by Sir Isaac Newton in 1704.
The number 37 also depicts the same.

There are THREE principle/lower states of consciousness in humans, the obvious, Wake, Sleep and Dream which constitute a THREE in ONE principle. Like the three primary colours in invisible light. Invisible sunlight also contains another four colours to constitute a hidden four, making altogether that important seven.

The four/higher elusive ("hidden") states of human consciousness are firstly transitional which leads to the second one, Cosmic, during which the mind is connected to everything in the Universe, as a quantum event involving "energy" changes at a sub-atomic level. Thirdly is Unity consciousness when the mind and everything become the SAME thing or object. Finally God consciousness, which includes the Cosmic Creator or God.

The five most important sevens, fadic number 7, are 691 carbon, 664 nitrogen, 655 oxygen, phosphorus 997, and sulphur 934, the components of amino-acids. These are the prerequisites of the carboniferous life on Earth. A fadic value is obtained adding up the digits of the number, until a single digit remains. For example carbon 691, it is 6+9+1 equals 16; then 1+6 makes 7.

In fact the number 331, the value of each hydrogen atom, can be found symbolized in light.

For when the three primary colours red, green and blue are pair mixed, the result is a further three different colours referred to as secondary ones.
Red plus green make yellow, red plus blue make magenta, and blue and green make cyan.
Invisible or white light can be made by mixing either the three primary colours or all six, primary plus secondary.

Evident then is the fact that 3 primary and 3 secondary make the 1 invisible light.
In other words 331, also hydrogen atoms, were needed to give rise to all the other different atoms like iron, copper, gold, helium used in balloons at carnival times, carbon which is graphite the lead in pencils, aluminium used as cooking foil, chlorine to sterilize water, and so on.

All things humans perceive in the universe have numerical correspondences representing concepts, which convert to actualities, perceived as real objects.

The difference between 37 (light) and 10 (Creator) is 27, the ingredient to give contemplated mankind its soul ( also number of characters in Hebrew alphabet ).
Injection of 27, a portion of the cosmic mind, into matter constituting the human being reflects influences concealed within the heavenly objects, numbers 2 and 7, Pluto and Uranus.
The spirit, 27, but degenerated to 24, to be accommodated in each human to enable the inanimate matter from which it was constructed, to come alive.

Information at Pluto

There are two planets in the solar system about each there orbits a solitary moon.
These are the Earth and its Moon; Pluto, diameter 1420 miles, and its orbiting moon Charon, diameter 741 miles orbiting it at a distance of 12070 miles.

Earth is about 93 million miles from the Sun, whilst Pluto is approximately 370 million miles away.

The distance of the Moon from the Earth is roughly 250,000 miles, whilst Charon's orbit is about 120,000 miles from Pluto.

When each of these distances is separately divided by the solar factor, 720 miles, their Divine values, "347222..." and "16666..." respectively, are obtained.

These values 'round up' to 347 and 167. They correspond to perceptive distances of 249,840 and 120,240 miles. The differences between these and the distances given in astronomy books are less than half a percent, and are therefore negligible.

A fadic value is obtained when the constituent digits of a number are added together, until a single digit remains.

The fadic value of 347 and 167 is 5.

So Both Earth's moon and Pluto's moon are separated by the same distance, as a fadic number, whilst in human reality the distances actually differ by about 130,000 miles.

A diagram to depict this new information, about Earth and its Moon, and Pluto and its moon, Charon in terms of fadic numbers, follows.

Divine numbers are: 11 for Earth and 2 for Pluto.

Synchronicity again, for the fadic value of 11 is 2, the same as Pluto's number !!.
So Earth and Pluto have a parallel significance, like the distance between them and their moons..

I wonder how the Divine diameters of the Moon and Charon compare .

Their diameters convert to 3 for the Moon ( 2160 / 720 ) and 1 for Charon ( 720 / 720 ).
Here the correspondence ends, but was this the basis for the 'Trinity' holy or otherwise?

It can be seen that the Pluto/Charon system is highly significant.
The two solar factors, space & time, are embraced in the absolute diameters of Pluto and Charon ( 1440 and 720 miles ). .
As divisors, 720 converts the diameter of a spherical object of creation to a simple number of divinity.
1440 converts it to a 'time' one.

Each object of Creation has two Divine numbers associated with it, its 'spacial' and 'time' attributes

Thus Earth is 11 as a 'spacial 'object, whilst it is 55 for a 'time' one.

Our day is equivalent to "24" hours or "1440" minutes or "86400" seconds.

The units of time seem to be conveniently related to the spatial dimensions of the Sun, diameter 864,000 miles, because one tenth of it is the number of seconds in one day.
And also a correspondence with Charon (1440 miles).

The measurements we make are correct as far as our normal perception is concerned, but are distorted and apparent, confirmed by current scientific belief and experiments in the quantum world.
I wonder what other information we receive through our sense organs is also erroneous, because our perception is not absolute (Creator type).

It is the hydrogen atoms, which gave "birth" to all of the other atoms needed for the Creation.

Thus EVERYTHING in the Universe came from NOTHING.

What caused something to materialise from nothing?
Was it an idea or a thought?
From a Divine entity?

Human Perception, 7 & 137
When we observe an object (apple, house, person, seaside, the moon, a panoramic view, etc) energy patterns, emanating from it, pass through the eyes.
It is marvellous how the brain then interprets, processes or changes this energy input into the image we perceive.
So in any observation we do not perceive wave patterns of energy as intricate colours and form, an analogy would be the waves seen rising from the road on a hot summer's day.
Our brain causes a deception, when we are prevented from perceiving an absolute reality.
An appreciation of a truer perception can be found in the film, "Predator I or II, when the alien passed 'in and out' of reality, changing like a chameleon.

Our environment consists of an infinite mixture of waves of energy and frequencies, all intertwined like a ball of string with its hundreds of individual strands which constitute the cable. A multi-dimension of fibres contained within a sphere.
When a radio or television, a receiver, is tuned to a particular frequency, sound and vision materialise.
Psychic persons have the special gift which enables them to 'tune' into other dimensions, other environments, the homes of ghosts, spirits, aliens and so on.

In the visible region, the building blocks of human's normal reality depend upon the different atoms of the 100 chemical elements, like hydrogen, oxygen, aluminium, gold, silver, chlorine & so on.

Light enables us to view objects around us.
In fact the SEVENS can only be seen by another SEVEN.
(LIGHT is required to view the OBJECTS of Creation).

Seven is used in the scriptures as the number of perfection.
In the sacred books, and in the religion of the Jews, the number seven sets a great number of events and mysterious circumstances forth.
The seventh day was consecrated by God, the day of rest on which he ceased from the works of creation.
The Jews honour this day as well as every seventh year which is known as a sabbatical year and seven times seven or forty-nine years which is known as a Jubilee.
In the bible are found numerous references to the number seven when a week often stands for seven years.
Jacob served his father-in-law for seven years; Pharaoh's mysterious dreams represented to his imagination seven full ears of corn, seven fat oxen and seven lean ones.
These are just a few of the many examples of where seven is used in the bible.

The book of Revelation is the last one in the bible, consisting of 22 chapters, the very same number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet.
Revelation contains an abundance of numbers in its text.
It seems to be the tale of an apocalyptic vision in which the seer, St. John, rises to heaven, during which the Lamb takes possession of a book of the divine plan, and opens its 7 seals one by one.
Seven trumpets given to seven angels underline the various forms of the punishments, which will occur to the evil dwellers of the world.

Patterns and relationships involving numbers, like in the different atoms, exist everywhere in the universe, and the following will demonstrate my last example.
Recall that as numbers the distances of the Earth from the Sun and the Moon are 13 and 347.
Sun light is also 13, invisible (1) made of the three primary colours (3).
The number 347 was discussed above in light rays and now it appears as a distance phenomenon.
Both light from the Sun and the distance between the Earth and Moon have the same value, 347.
Two entirely different perceptions, or duality, can be represented by the same concept, of numbers, which is what the book of Revelation is about.
What is now needed is a translation of those conceptual numbers in the light of scientific knowledge.

Objects of God's creation have individual, significant numbers when perceived in absolute or God consciousness.
These objects are discerned in a different way in human consciousness because each of us relies on the brain to interpret the information we collect through our sense organs, such as our eyes for images.
Therefore the planets Pluto and Uranus will be 2 and 7 in absolute or God consciousness.
In human consciousness they will appear as luminous spheres when viewed through a telescope.

So when God imparted prophecies or information to John, it was received as numbers, meaningful at that instance only, because his mind was in absolute consciousness.
In chapter 1 verses 15-16 we can read that "in the midst of the 7 candlesticks one like unto the Son of manÖ. and he had in his right hand 7 stars: and out of his mouth went a 2 edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength."
Literally this means that the numbers 2 and 7, in God consciousness, or Pluto and Uranus in human consciousness, give the Son of man much happiness.
What nonsense this would have been if John had written it this way!
So he attaches the percept sword and star to each of the concepts 2 and 7, which produce an enigma.

Chapter 12 starts with "and there appeared a great wonder in heaven;.."
This can be regarded as actuality or human consciousness when John writes in this vein.

Revelation consists of 22 chapters.
11 is the number of planet Earth, 2 is its fadic value
Also 2 times 11 is equivalent to 22, the number of chapters in this book.

John is told to write the things, which he saw, the things that are and the things that shall be hereafter, and the mystery of the 7 stars in the right hand, and the 7 golden candlesticks.
The 7 stars are the angels of the 7 churches, and the 7 candlesticks are the 7 churches.
God is placing emphasis on the number 7, the number needed to initiate and produce all the matter we perceive.
Hydrogen atoms and all the other one hundred or so different atoms, which comprise matter on Earth.
Thus copper, aluminium, iron for example and all the other elements are "forms" of hydrogen, and can be regarded as equivalent.
So a candlestick is the same as a church, since both can be regarded as components of each other.

The (7) stars, the other type of seven, constitute the spirit contained within the churches.
This implies that earth matter or certain structures made of it are endowed with spirit. Humans definitely are.

EVEN more intriguing is the fact that the number 7 occurs in Revelation 1 3 7 times, so it must have some important significance.

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